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What is Dr. Riba's Health Club (DrRHC)?

DrRHC is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program created to prevent and treat nutrition-related diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

What is a multidisciplinary program?

Professionals from different fields (in the case of DrRHC: medical, nutritional, psychosocial) work together to evaluate the same patient from different perspectives.

What if I already have a primary doctor?

Our program is a specialty service. We will not take the place of your primary care provider. We will collaborate with him/her.

How can I make an appointment?

You can either be referred by a provider (teacher, doctor, psychologist, after school program, nurse, etc) or you could call yourself to make the appointment. Please visit the Contact Us section.

Where is the program located?

We see patients at different locations. Please visit the Locations section for a complete list of all of our program locations.

How long are the visits?

The initial assessment is longer than follow-up visits and lasts about an hour. Follow-up visits usually take about 30 minutes. As with any doctor's appointment, make arrangements that allow for two hours.

What are some of the benefits that I could expect from being a DrRHC patient?

Most likely, your family will have a healthier weight, will enjoy more pleasant meals, and will be healthier overall. You will be able to plan your meals and make them more nutritious and more economic for your family. Your children will eat more vegetables, too!